The Kodemdesar Online!

Official Portal For the Kodamdesar Temple, Bikaner

Bhairuji, also known as Bhairava is believed to be an incarnation of lord Shiva and this website belongs to the nearly 550 years old Kodemdesar Bhairuji temple, situated at 24 KMs from Bikaner City on Bikaner-Jaisalmer Highway, in District Bikaner, Rajasthan (India).

A joint venture was coined between the Trustee Committee of the temple and the "Samatva Welfare Foundation ". After jointly bringing spotlight to this age old heritage, the foundation under the patronage of the Temple Trust, took up the first major challenging task of rejuvenating the complete environs of this temple.

This venture is called Kodamdesar Social Awareness Programme – the mission of which is to bring this temple to the desired elevation which it actually deserves on the tourist map of the North - western frontier of Rajasthan. Since the devotees of this lord are scattered across the globe, we now feel that the time is apt to bring focus to this temple at a global level.